The Season of Development

Illustrations by Victor Lopez © Demeusy Pictures, 2014

The last couple months have been quite on here, that's because we are cranking away behind the scenes.  This last week has been the busiest week I've had in a while.  Early last month we took a trip up to Washington to scout some awesome locations for Mulberry Woods.  More from that to come soon.  Lots of pictures and video coming up.

The biggest task at hand by far right now is storyboarding.  I have been working on storyboards for Mulberry Woods over the past 9 weeks with Victor Lopez.  We are over halfway finished and I'm happy to say the boards are looking amazing.  Victor has been cranking out some great stuff.  We are laying down the preliminary design of characters, locations, and production as we go.  It is coming together better than anticipated.

 It is such an achievement to see the story being brought to life through pictures.  The more we board, the more I fall in love with the story.  I've heard it said that storyboarding is an expensive writing tool but a cheap production tool.  It is so true.  Through it you are able to see the first pass of the movie.  It is especially important for a film like this to have everything planned out down to every detail as much as coherently possible. 

Simultaneously we are creating an animatic with sound, music, and dialogue.  It just reminds why I have spent so much time crafting this film.  It's exactly the kind of movie I want to see.  I've been in love with it the whole time through writing and development and not once have I strayed away from it.  So much fun ahead! Aside from all of that, the next biggest thing is the online release of Scorpion coming up.  So a lot of cool things going on right now.  Will update as we move forward. Take care for now!