Godzilla Poster

After seeing what filmmaker Gareth Edwards was able to do with a shoestring budget and a crew that fit inside a caravan for his feature project "Monsters", I instantly became a fan and started paying attention to what he was up to.  It was announced that he was attached to direct the Godzilla reboot with Warner Brothers and Legendary.  From first impact I though wow what an undertaking, a Godzilla movie? I started following the progress of the film and when I saw the teaser that came out last year, I was blown away. Beyond expectations. This movie looks awesome. Just one giganticly massive terrorizer with a purpose to bring destruction and chaos. It knows no other motive. I am a sucker for monster movies, I love creatures. Its pretty much all I ever drew in elementary school. So as a toast to the new Godzilla movie, I created these posters as a fan.