Location, Location, Location...

IMG_2505 copy.jpg

Last month we took a trip in search of some locations for Mulberry Woods. What we found was pretty incredible. This place had been on my radar for quite a while now and I finally decided it would be worth taking a trip to check it out. The primary concern was that this place looked great in photos I had seen, but were those photos the only spectacular parts of the area? Well, it turns out no, those were not the only spectacular areas and in fact everywhere you look is amazing.

We brought some cameras with us to grab some video and snap some photos along the way. You can point the lens in any direction and capture something awesome. I seriously felt like I stepped into some magical land, everything looked fantastical. Anyways, I finally got the opportunity to post up some of this stuff and I wanted to share it. Heres some of the things we saw and experienced. Check it out.