Scorpion is a drama mystery film about the last two members of an organized crime dynasty who meet up the night after their entire crew was killed on a job that went wrong. A calm and collected conversation quickly twists and turns into something completely unexpected.

It's a short film I wrote about a year ago that has always been on my mind but remained on the shelf. Since I am busy with Mulberry Woods I have very limited time to spare, but I am itching to shoot something. Scorpion is the perfect project, it is character driven, 6 actors, one room. Pre-production has begun and we are excited to get this film underway. It has already been quite the process. There is a very specific look and feel to the film so we have been doing lighting / camera tests and tackling the best DI process for color. I don't want to say what the majority of our focus has been on because it might give some things away so I'd like to keep those things a secret for now. The plan is too release the film online the moment it is done. Perhaps some process material along the way!

Previs Camera Motion - Escalation


Will post all updates here so stay tuned!