'Scorpion' Filming Wrapped

Marking slate for a shot involving the character 'Pauli'

Principal photography on my next short film Scorpion has wrapped. It was a two day shoot at a single location in South Pasadena, CA. We had a five man crew and an eight part cast.  Filming went under way Friday night starting at 7pm and wrapped the last crew members at 7am. We picked right back up Saturday at 7pm and went again until 7am. The cast wrapped a little earlier both nights. The final night was Sunday 7pm-9:30pm where we did B-Unit shooting for the title sequence. The shoot went great, we got some really nice footage. Jason Mitcheltree and Nar Levoni killed it on cinematography. The first night we had 31 shots to get through and did 105 takes. The second night we had 30 shots and I'm sure well over 100 takes as well. Richard Ragon was the on set audio rockstar, capturing up to 8 tracks of audio at once. It was the first time I got to wear wireless headphones on set and heard everything going on. My favorite part though was the midnight taco cart with three types of meats, beans, rice, chips, and salsa. Areba!

So glad to finally be finished with the shoot, however my work is not done yet. I still have plenty to do before I can even hit the editing room. Looking forward to post-production and the music scoring process. I get excited when I remember pre-production is done! Ah man. I was thinking I would release Scorpion online as soon as it's finished, but I may change my mind. We'll see!

Signing out,