'Video' Goes to SIGGRAPH

Hello! SIGGRAPH LA is just days away and I'm happy to say that I will be presenting with Maxon for Cinema 4D. A few months back I released a short film on Youtube. It took us 3 weeks from start to finish to make the short. CG Society did an article on the process behind the scenes of the short - and actually Jason, Deep and I are excited about the extended story we have come up with for this character and plot. The story goes to a place that is seriously so incredible that it is hard to sit still with it in mind. Here is a trailer for the Siggraph presentation.

Maxon has asked me to present this year and I happily agreed. However, originally I had a completely different project that I was going to present and actually had it prepared. I thought the project would be finished in time to share the details of what went into the making but we are actually still working on it, adding a few things to it that are bringing it to that extra levels and I'm extremely excited to share it with everyone. I haven't shown ANYTHING for it yet and we have been working on it for just over two months. I can say it takes place in a galaxy far, far away... thats about it! Look out for that soon! So instead I am going to show a more in depth of the creation of the CG alien in this short film. I will be sharing how I sculpted, rigged, animated, textured, lit and rigged the thing in Cinema 4D. I'll also release the short on Vimeo during the presentation.

I'll be presenting Wednesday, Aug. 12th at 10:30am at the Maxon booth. So if you're going to be there and your reading this before hand, then come say hi! You can also watch it live at C4DLive.com. They are giving away prizes and things so check it out! ...and like I said be on the lookout for this new thing coming very very soooooon!