Houston, We Have Launched a Kickstarter

Over the past year I have been developing a new project. It started with a short film we shot last year about a man who witnessed a meteor crash over Los Angeles on his video camera. When he decides to investigate the crash site, he is abducted by aliens. WOAH! Originally it was just a fun project to make, we shot it in 2 days running around LA. After we made it, Jason Mitcheltree and I started talking about what happens to the character after this scene. What if he woke up 3 days later with no recollection of what happened after the event? We developed a bigger story after a series of brain storm sessions and ultimately found something quite interesting.

The main character is an Aerospace Engineer working for NASA JPL. I took a research trip to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to see the facility inside and out. I observed a great perspective of what it's like to be a scientist and an engineer there. I saw everything from the hangar they built the Mars' Curiosity Rover to the labs where they store static electric safe screws and radio devices. I got to wear a lab coat - life goal, check.

Well, today we have finally released a Kickstarter page for this new project, Proximity. We have laid down the ground work and now we are ready to take it to the internet. I'm excited to share what i've been up to and Im eager to get out there and start shooting this thing! We need your help though! We can't make this without the support of people who want to help make this movie come to life. If you think that's you then head over to our page and check out our available rewards. Also, if you have ideas and want to collaborate in any capacity, let us know there!

Check out the Kickstarter here.