Interview by Jangy Rongus

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Eric Demeusy in his fancy space ship that he bought from the set of Mars Attacks that was littered with empty Chipotle bags and a cardboard cut out of the cast from Gilligans Island. He was wearing sunglasses inside and sandals with white socks... and a gold chain that I believe looked plastic, like something out of a toy dispenser from Round Table Pizza.

Jangy:  So Eric, could you tell us a bit about the process you have for storyboarding a feature film?

Eric:  Well, here I am in the fourth month of storyboarding Mulberry WoodsIt has been quite the process so far. It doesn't feel like what I would typically think of as storyboarding. It feels like I'm making a first rough-cut of the movie. I started off saying, "I need to storyboard this thing, maybe I can do it myself." Then, I started doing it myself and I quickly realized I am way too slow and I suck at drawing good. That's when I set out on a mighty quest to find the best storyboardist in all the land. I searched high, and I searched low. It was at the highest mountain at the edge of South-East Asia where only the most skilled illustrators train to become master graphite craftsmen. At the end of April, Victor Lopez and I joined forces and began building a masterpiece of drawings. We have carefully crafted every shot with camera angles, action and composition in such a way that we have a ready-to-shoot visual production manual that...

Jangy:  Ok enough! It was a simple question and did not require a long, drawn out answer.

Eric:  Sorry Jangy.

Jangy:  You pissed me off... this interview is over.

Check back next time for more interesting interviews. Jangy Rongus signing off.

- J